Lina the Ninja. Wireframing master


Reflex is a web tool that helps you to create wireframes for responsive websites. Reflex will automatically adjust your wireframes to different breakpoints, allowing you to create only 1 set of wireframes instead of 3 or 5.


  • Information Architect
  • UX Designer
  • Usability Tester
  • UI Designer

Award Nominations

  • Best UX project
  • Best Interactive Project
  • Best Graduate Project



Designers spend an extensive amount of time wireframing for responsive websites. Creating, correcting and iterating wireframes for at least 3 devices over and over again. In most cases, some pages of a website are not wireframed because there is no time, creating gaps in the user experience.


A tool that allows web designers to save time and optimize their workflow allowing them to create complete sets of wireframes and holistic user experiences. A tool accessible and easy to understand. A tool that provides team collaboration and prototyping for user testing that allows designers to manage projects in one place.


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