Lina the Ninja. Wireframing master

I’m Lina Plata, an information architect from Colombia. I’m based in Vancouver and have a big passion for UX design. I love organizing, planning and structuring. I’m an easy learner and adaptable to different situations, teams and projects. I like to take action in hands and make great designs.


What I do

  • I create detailed user journeys
  • I sketch many, many, many times
  • I make clean and simple wireframes that ensure seamless user experiences
  • I create strong visuals that generate impact with their beauty
  • I do prototypes and user testing

How I do it

  • Research: understanding user and market needs
  • Ideation: the fun part! Getting my ideas into paper
  • Wireframing: Ensure a great user experience, my favourite part!
  • Mockups: Creating beautiful pixels
  • Involve the user in the process, get feedback and perfect the design